Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Mite-E-Ducts is a Residential and Commercial air duct cleaning company located in Zionsville, Indiana. We serve a statewide customer base including customers in Brownsburg, Whitestown, Carmel, Fishers, Greenwood, Noblesville, Zionsville, Broadripple, Fortville, Plainfield, the greater Indianapolis area, and many other locations. Air duct cleaning is all we do!


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Don’t forget to ask about our Ultraviolet Light System to help with mold & odors.


*PLEASE NOTE* The procedure listed below is what we consider to be the “textbook” air duct cleaning procedure. Please remember that every home is unique and may require different procedures and/or techniques. The Service Operator will be happy to explain each cleaning procedure to you.


1. The Service operator will lay down runners on finished floors and place corner guards on each corner we turn around.

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2. In most cases, the operator will gain access for the vacuum hose by making an 8″ opening into the main trunklines of both the supply and return side of the system.

Note: Some systems may have existing access openings; Mite-E-Ducts will use these if they exist.

FAQ: Do you cut into my furnace?
Answer: Although we clean the furnace/air handler, we do NOT cut into the actual furnace or air handler, just the duct system.

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3. The vacuum hose will be inserted into this opening to prepare for the Truck Mounted Power Vac unit to be started, which will produce a vacuum throughout the system.

Note: In some cases, the duct system may not be accessible through the typical openings, therefore Mite-E-Ducts will gain access with our custom “duct box”.

4. The filter will be tightly covered so that we can separate both sides of the system. Also this will ensure that no debris is being pulled through your indoor air conditioner coil.

Some supply and return vents may have to be covered or have the dampers closed so that the full vacuum will be drawing through each vent. The technician will be able to determine the right procedure for your home as every home is unique.

5. A compressed air nozzle and special pneumatic tools will be inserted into each supply and return vent; the compressed air and air whips will blow the dirt and debris toward the drawing vacuum hose and delivering it to our truck mounted holding compartment.

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6. Our pneumatic air whip cleaning system will be inserted in to the main trunk lines and plenums after all vents have been cleaned out. It will be propelled throughout the system loosening remaining dirt and debris and blowing it into the vacuum system.

FAQ: Do you use brushes?

Answer: If the situation or job calls for brushes, then yes. The problem with brushes is, they are round; therefore they cannot get into the corners of square and rectangular ductwork like our pneumatic air whip system can.

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7. After thoroughly cleaning both sides of the duct system. We will continue to clean out the furnace, blower compartment and filter area.

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8. All openings are sealed with inspection panels that are secured to the ductwork with screws, not tape. The inspection panels have a folded lip on the inside that is also lined with foam tape, this will ensure minimal air leakage. These plates will be used in future cleaning and inspections.

Ever wonder what lurks in your ductwork?

Check out this video of Mite-E-Ducts technicians cleaning out their truck after only a couple air duct cleaning jobs! This was filmed on location at Mite-E-Ducts office. Cleaning out the duct trucks should never be done on a jobsite.

Most homeowners would be shocked if they could look inside their ductwork!

Even the most careful housekeeper cannot prevent a gradual accumulation of dust, dirt, hair, dead insects (or worse) on the inside surfaces of the air ducts in the heating and air conditioning system. In addition, ductwork can become a breeding ground for various molds, mildew, germs, and bacteria that can be a real problem for those with asthma or severe allergies.

The solution is to contact Mite-E-Ducts today. Our technicians are certified by NADCA, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. They will use state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning tools to thoroughly clean all the interior surfaces of your ductwork, along with the fan and blower compartment of furnaces that permit access to those areas.