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Soldamist Treatment

Soldamist is the first nontoxic air duct treatment that is a dry fog solution. It cleanses the HVAC systems and surfaces without requiring any wipe down. The dry fogging machine disperses a nontoxic blend of essential oils that are all FDA approved. These essential oils work together to kill viruses like the Flu and Covid-19. It will also kill odors that cause bacteria, mold, and fungi and remove build-ups of bacteria colonies and any other bad odor that might be lingering in your home.

-Reduce the spread of influenza/SARS-coV-2
-Eliminate odor-causing bacteria, mold, and fungus
-Dry fog so NO wipedown needed
-Remove build-up of bacteria colonies
-Safe for pets, won’t harm surfaces

Once the active ingredients bind to the surface, they will work together and remain effective for up to 30 days to work on all surfaces and fight off existing and upcoming threats at the molecular level. This ensures that it is not just covering up the problem, but fighting them at the source of the problem. During this process, you will see and smell the Soldamist treatment as it circulates through the air stream. It does have a mild, but pleasant smell upon completion.

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Soldamist Dry Fog Treatment from Mite-E-Ducts

While this product is listed as safe for people and pets to be in the home; we recommend at least a 45 minute evacuation of the home to give the product time to clear the air.