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“Since we were painting our house, adding new lighting fixtures, new carpet and flooring in the kitchen/laundry area, we thought it might be prudent to get the air ducts cleaned and also the dryer vent cleaned. Plus the gas dryer had been losing heat so we thought it was time to get the dryer vent cleaned out. They arrived on time and got right to work. The representative, John, explained in detail what he was going to do and how he was going to get into the furnace area to access all of the vents. He also had to go up on the roof to access the dryer vent to clean that out. He noticed while working on the dryer vent that there had been a bird’s nest in the vent so he cleaned out the nest and installed screening on the outside of the vent so that a bird would not be able to build a nest in there again; as that was a potential fire hazard. I was so grateful that I called!! He also took digital photos of the vents before the cleaning and then took digital photos afterwards so that I could see the differences. I thought that was an excellent idea. I would definitely use this service again and when I do, I will always call Mite-E-Ducts!” -Florence G., Carmel, Indiana

Mite-E-Ducts cleaned all of the air ducts in my home. This went extremely well from the start. They were very flexible with scheduling and arrived exactly on time. Jeff, the technician ,explained eveything he was doing and why prior to starting and there were no suprises. He cleaned up afterwards and finished on time. There were no added-on costs or delays, I would highly recomend them and would definately use them again.” – Robert J., Fishers, Indiana

“Clay came to our home to inspect our issues – mold in our vent covers, high humidity and a damp crawlspace. He finally found the main trunkline had 4 inches of water in it, causing the mold and humid conditions. I know I could upload some pictures he took for me but 4 inches of water in a silver-colored air duct just isn’t that powerful to look at! Luckily after draining the air duct and allowing ample time to dry, Mite-E-Ducts came out to do a thorough cleaning. They also installed a UV light to help avoid future mold issues. This was great from beginning to end. I trust Clay and his experience. I didn’t call anyone else in town – I went straight to the person I knew to be the best in town. The entire organization was fantastic and I would highly recommend them to anyone! He really helped assure us that everything was going to be okay and brought some resolution to us as a family. Thanks Clay!” –Craig Boas, Greenwood, Indiana

We called Mite-E-Ducts on Memorial day when we noticed our dryer wasn’t drying clothes properly. As it was a holiday they were closed (as expected) so I left a voicemail. Clay returned my call at 8:00am the next day to get more information. Within 15 minutes of that call Mindi called to schedule an appointment with me for THAT day (honestly, I didn’t think they would get here that quickly.) The appointment was scheduled for 2:30 and they arrived at 2:30 sharp. They climbed up on the roof (second story) and cleared the obstruction (a large nest with 9 eggs in it!). They tested the airflow from the dryer and verified that everything was working well. They also recommended a further repair that might help keep birds from returning to block the vent. They explained how the repair would work and gave me an estimate without being pushy about it. Clay and his team at Mite-E-Ducts were both very friendly and professional. I highly recommend them!” –Steve Perkins, Fishers, Indiana

Mite-E-Ducts came out and cleaned my dryer vent and they removed bird nesting materials from a bathroom fan vent. They put two bird guards on my vent hoods. They even removed two dead birds from my attic. Chad and Clay came out to do this for me. They were very helpful, personable, and thoughtful. I would recommend them to others.” –Peg Prough, Carmel, Indiana

Bryan and Chad were here yesterday to clean out our dryer vent. WOW! What used to take 3 cycles to dry, now only takes one! We’ll save tons on our gas and electric bill. Your guys were great! Very friendly and informative. Even on the phone, we got excellent customer service. Will highly recommend! Thanks for such a great job!” –Jim & Joanie Smith, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Our dryer was taking three 1 hour cycles to dry clothes and it was taking forever to do laundry for only two people. Fleeces, sweatshirts and towels? Forget it. I called Mite-E-Ducts to come out to clean our dryer vent as we had an obvious clog. Mite-E-Ducts was not the first company we called. One other company would not come out because our dryer vents through the top of the roof. (We have a historic home that is over 100 years old.) The technician came out to our home and he was spot on time. From the second this guy walked through our door, I could sense that he was a man of honesty and integrity and I must tell you, I do not feel this way about service men who come to take care of things in my home. He was clean and neat and his manners reflected that of someone whose parents have done a good job raising a gentleman. He was fast, he was professional and he explained every bit of what he was doing. He told us about the clog and all that he had found and what he recommended for future services. He explained the prices, discounts and everything else. It was like living in the 40’s or 50’s or something and having that kind of “soup to nuts-service with a smile” kind of customer service that is sadly lacking in most companies. Mite-E-Ducts was a little higher priced than the company we called prior to them but we’re not the least upset. You get what you pay for in this situation. The first place I called had a rude girl who answered the phone and turned me down flat because our dryer vents through the roof. Before she even found that out, she answered the phone like it was a great inconvenience and she wasn’t interested in helping or suggesting anyone else. She just wanted me off of the phone. I had called on a Monday morning and apparently that was too soon for her. Matt answered the phone at Mite-E-Ducts and he was sincere and friendly right off the bat. The technician came out to us from Zionsville and was happy to be there. This was a guy who takes pride in his work. So while Mite-E-Ducts was a little more money than someone else might be, here’s what you get: Someone who shows up on time, professional, fast, clean work, you get a comprehensive explanation of what they are doing so you know you’re not going to get cheated, you get someone who takes pride in his work and WANTS to be there getting it done. My dryer dries like it was brand new. It was the best money I ever spent and I’m calling Mite-E-Ducts back to clean out the ductwork in my house. It does not get any better than this.” –David Daugherty, Pendleton, Indiana

Clay, I just had my air ducts cleaned and I want to let you know that your technician did an outstanding job. He explained what he was doing, he cleaned up after himself and he was very nice to my dog. I will definitely recommend you to my friends, family and neighbors. Thank you and keep up the good work. Sincerely, Christopher Gerth, Speedway, IN

Clay, I just wanted to drop a quick note to say that our appointment this afternoon was received very well. The technician was available early and expedited the work well. I appreciated his attention to keeping our home clean and protecting our walls from the hoses with the guard plates etc. He was very pleasant, informative and left our home cleaner than it was when he arrived. Thanks again! –Derek Murphy, Indianapolis, Indiana

Mite-E-Ducts cleaned out air ducts and dryer vent. A friend of ours gave Mite-E-Ducts good recommendations. That’s why we picked them. They show up on time. They are nice and they are clean. They are professional when they are in your home.” –Matt W., Greenwood, Indiana

Chad did the work in my home, then went to my son’s home. In both cases, he was very efficient, personable, and professional. He explained everything he did and took before and after pictures. I had originally planned to use a coupon for $69.95 from another company, but after calling the Better Business Bureau, I changed my mind. Apparently, the coupon lures customers with the low rate, but once the company gets in your home, the charge ends up in the hundreds or thousands. I figured I might as well start out with the higher charge and not set myself up for any surprises. I have no regrets whatsoever. I am very picky about work done in my home. I would highly recommend Mite-E-Ducts and plan to use them in the future.” –Marcia M., Indianapolis, Indiana

I found Mite-E-Ducts through a friend of ours. The quote was $100 less than another company. They also offered either $50 off or a free dryer vent cleaning which we did. The job was completed within a week from the day that I called. I would definitely use Mite-E-Ducts again and have given them an “A” rating. –Raven M., Indianapolis, Indiana

Mite_E_Ducts_Tom_Hervey_Testimonial“Dear Clay, I want to tell you how pleased my wife and I are with our decision to have your company clean the duct system in our home. I had suffered with itchy eyes ever since moving in to the home 4 years ago. I had tried different medications to ease the itching with very little results, so we finally thought of using your service to see if it might help with the problem. I am very glad to report that my eyes started improving the night after Chad had been to our home. I have gone from itchy, swollen eyes to almost normal eyes in a very short time. In my opinion, there must have been something in our duct system that caused me to have an allergic reaction. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to not be continually scratching my eyes at night. We also noticed that our home is less dusty that it used to be. One other benefit we got from your service was a gas dryer that is finally working well. Since Chad cleaned out the dryer vent, our clothes are drying about twice as fast as they used to dry. So again, thanks for your professional services that have made living in my home much more pleasant.” – Tom Hervey, Carmel, Indiana

“We were very impressed with Mite-E-Ducts. We called and they gave us a complete estimate over the phone and promptly scheduled the service. Chad arrived on time and did a great job. He explained exactly what he was going to do and made sure to answer any questions we had. He was very careful when moving the equipment around the house and did not leave any mess. I feel I definitely got what I paid for! We chose them because duct cleaning is their specialty and not a side business.” –Nicholas C., Indianapolis, Indiana

“When I called, the folks were just lovely and got me scheduled right away. Chad showed up early -wow!- and was as kind and courteous as could be. He was very patient and understanding when I needed some time to corral my kitty cats. Chad certainly turned out to be a font of information! He told me that my plastic dryer vent hose was not up to code and also shared that the dryer vent in my crawlspace had screws in it (also a no-no). Chad was kind enough to remove the screws and tape the duct together so it’s up to code. In addition, he took pictures of my crawlspace and showed me that I’d had some flooding that I might want to take care of. He also took before and after pictures of all of my vents so I could see the difference. My handyman was at the house and Chad took the time, at my request, to share about the crawlspace and vents. How kind! I felt great about having Chad in my home. My vents and ducts are now squeaky clean. Thanks for everything! Great job! :)”
Shannon G., Indianapolis, Indiana

“All heating/cooling supply ducts and return ducts were cleaned. Serviceman, Chad, was very professional, answered all our questions and explained very well his procedures. Chad was on time, very polite and the price was agreeable.” –Richard Y., Bloomington, Indiana

“We had our dryer vent cleaned! They were able to come the day after I phoned to schedule an appointment. They were able to come earlier than the scheduled time, but phoned to see if that was O.K. The whole process took less than an hour. The laundry area was left clean and Clay was very pleasant to work with. I would definitely get them again.” –Catherine W., Westfield, Indiana

Shirley Orr, Indianapolis, Indiana

“We had our dryer vent cleaned. Mite-E-Ducts did our air ducts last fall; at that time, we couldn’t locate our outside dryer vent, so it couldn’t be cleaned at the same time. Our dryer’s efficiency had suffered, taking quite a long time to dry clothes. We found the vent and gave the company a call. The results were shocking! The technician got a 5-gallon bucket full of lint from the outside vent. It is amazing that we didn’t have a fire! The vent is about 30 years old; I doubt it had ever been cleaned. The house even smelled fresher after the process! The technician was very helpful, explaining the steps of the process and options that we might want to consider for the future” –Cheryl P., Indianapolis, Indiana

Mite-E-Ducts cleaned the entire duct system of the house we sold to our daughter and son in law. The duct system had never been cleaned and the house was built in 1966. The technician was EXCELLENT!!!!!! We are so pleased!!!! We will hire Mite-E-Ducts in the future. Can’t thank Mite-E-Ducts enough!!!!!”
Julie, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Our experience with Mite-E-Ducts was very impressive and are very pleased with the results of Clay’s work. Very professional and competent on what he was doing. The equipment is very impressive and we were amazed at the debris and dust removed. We are definitely going to do this on a regular basis; it is a great service. Access openings were made in the air supply and return duct system at my house. A rather large vacuum type hose was attached to each of the openings first to the intake and then to the return ducts. The other end attached to a rather large & impressive vacuum in a large red truck. Clay , company rep. started the vacuum equipment and went in our house with a long air hose. He removed each floor, wall and ceiling register cover and put the air hose that had a multi-tip end, as the air was let out the ends rotated inside the duct system dislodging debris and dust. He went to each return registers and with high pressure air cleaned the return air ducts. He took pictures before and after each register was cleaned. He disconnected the equipment, installed access plates on the openings and replaced all insulation as good as he found it. Vacuum suction was so impressive particularly when it held a 75 pg. 8×5.5 in. book up against the ceiling register until turned off.” – Humberto A., ZIonsville, Indiana

Clay backed his monster suction truck up to the garage, cut some access holes into the supply and return side of the ductwork, inserted the mega hose and sucked it clean. It went very well. Clay was punctual and courteous, more than willing to answer questions about the process, and when he left I couldn’t tell he had even been here. Except of course for the obvious lack of dust. I’ll be calling in a couple of years to invite him back.” Steve S., Indianapolis, Indiana

Mite-E-Ducts has very nice people to work with. I was under a time constraint and the technician came early to accommodate me. The job was done in a shorter time than estimated which was awesome. The technician was very polite and clean, I couldn’t even tell he had been there. There was a misunderstanding about my wishes to have the dryer vent checked and cleaned if needed. They were back and had it cleaned within a few hours. I was very impressed by their promptness. I will use again and recommend them to my friends.”
Amy, Zionsville, Indiana

Mite-E-Ducts cleaned and sanitized all of my air ducts. The technician was very professional and careful and laid down floor coverings all over my home. Having recently moved into a home which I don’t think the ducts have ever been cleaned, they did a very good job.” – Rene, Carmel, Indiana

Mite-E-Ducts gave me an initial quote upfront, and when the work was completed they actually lowered the rate due to not having to perform some of the jobs. We are in a new home, and they found some things that the builder left behind that might hinder the performance of the HVAC system. They did a good job and we will use them again.” – Anita, Westfield, Indiana

Mite-E-Ducts cleaned out all air ducts and also the dryer vent. Also checked the furnace filters (changed one). Very positive experience given the fact that I had never had the work done before (20 years, I’m embarrassed to say). The tech was polite and professional, left the place clean, and was on time.” – Roseanne, Zionsville, Indiana

Clay, of Mite-E-Ducts, provided an estimate for the air duct cleaning of our 2,500 square foot home. Clay was stuck in traffic and was kind enough to call and notify me that he would be a few minutes late. He arrived when he said he would, was very professional, and covered his feet with booties before entering. He checked our HVAC system, vents, and returns. He was very willing to answer any questions I had and offered great recommendations. He explained the entire process, the total investment, and the time involved. We plan on hiring them to clean our ducts once we have completed some interior plaster work. A few days after the estimate I received a hand-written thank you note from Clay…that is professionalism!”
Carrie, Broadripple, Indiana

Clay and his crew were extremely easy to deal with. Showed up on time and completed the job in the time estimated. Cleaned up after themselves very well…couldn’t tell they had even been here. We have seen a noticeable reduction in the amount of dust in the air. Very professional company to do business with.”
Rob, Greenwood, Indiana

“I just wanted to say that I LOVE the Ductworx UV Light. My home has never been so fresh, and clean. I feel that all the mold spores are now gone. I can actually breathe now! I don’t get earaches, headaches, etc. It is truly wonderful. Thanks so much for suggesting this to me Clay! Now, I wish that I can take this with me when I commute to work everyday. I saw that you have one called “To Go” and “Buddy”. I am interested in those also!”
Ann, Indianapolis, Indiana

“I scheduled an appointment with very little lead time, and Mite-E-Ducts stuck to it. In fact, they came out the next business day. The technician phoned me 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment and appeared at my house 10 minutes before. The technician was careful with my property, a new dryer kept with the washer in the garage, and he didn’t have to be told not to drag it along the specially sealed floor (he used the dryer dolly to move it). The dispatcher informed me that they would service a dryer duct that vented on the roof, and their truck brought all necessary equipment to complete the job in a timely and professional manner.” – Gary, Indianapolis, Indiana

Mite-E-Ducts cleaned the air ducts in the entire house. The vents were coated with dust as the previous owners were heavy smokers. Mite-E-Ducts had the ducts spotless. The duct cleaning helped a large amount with removing the smoke smell in the house. Clay was very nice and quick. He was on time, actually I was running a little behind and he waited on me. He worked around the painters and didn’t complain about anything. Also he cleaned up after the work was done and left the site extremely clean. I highly recommend this service and this company.” – Ben, Fishers, Indiana

“Our technician was fantastic. I went with Mite-E-Ducts based on their strong reviews and was not disappointed. We recently purchased a home with two separate HVAC systems. The previous owners had 2 cats and after moving in a few months ago everyone in the family started developing strong allergies. Mite-E-Ducts did a full, all-day cleaning of both systems and now no one is even sniffling. The technician spent several hours working and was using lots of specialized equipment.” – T.R. Indianapolis, Indiana

“Our dryer vent was clogged. Come to find out that the builder, back in 1997, did not have the proper materials for the venting installed. Clay discovered it was not up to code. The dryer venting was rerouted and cleaned to our satisfaction and we are now up to code. Clay was on time and very knowledgeable of work required. Very polite and would definitely use again.” –Debra, Zionsville, Indiana

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