HVAC duct systems will collect dust, dirt and debris over years. This matter will lay in your system and little by little can disburse back into your home. Inside your air ducts it is dark and sometimes damp, this is a great place for mold, mildew, bacteria and fungi to form. The removal of such contamination’s from the duct system should be #1 priority in improving indoor air quality.
So your family and co-workers will breathe cleaner and healthier air. To improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment. Regular air duct cleaning along with hvac maintenance, carpet cleaning, house cleaning/dusting, and frequent filter changing; can help improve the indoor air quality of your home.
The best way is called a Source Removal. The contractor places the system under a negative pressure, using a specialized and powerful vacuum. The vacuum draws air through the ducts, then with different types of pneumatic tools the on-board compressed air dislodges dirt, dust and debris that otherwise will lay in the system, travels down the ducts and into the vacuum hose and empties into the HiVAC truck mount unit. Some companies use portable units which must be brought into the home. These units filter all of the dust and debris inside the home. Our Truck Mounted Power Vac Units filter all of the dust and debris outside of the home..
There are a lot of factors that go into the amount of time needed to properly clean a duct system. How many systems does the home have, the accessibility of the HVAC system, how much duct work, manpower, etc. The average three bedroom, single story home will take approximately 3 hours to complete. Again, every home is unique and “time estimates” are given; but vary.
NADCA recommends every 3 to 5 years in a residential home; and every 2 to 3 years in a commercial/industrial application.
With Mite-E-Ducts cleaning process; the duct system is under a negative pressure at all times during the cleaning process and all of the debris that is cleaned our of your HVAC duct system is contained inside our truck mounted power vac unit, located outside. Some companies will use portable equipment which, in most cases, has to be brought inside the home to perform cleaning. This means that all of the dust and debris they remove will be filtered inside the home.
Yes. All of our duct cleaning services are guaranteed. We will make every attempt possible to make sure you are completely happy with our service.  If you are dissatisfied we will take what ever measure it takes to make sure you are completely satisfied..
You can have the duct cleaning performed whenever it is convenient for you and your HVAC contractor.
AFTER! Make sure all of the drywall sanding, wood sanding, wood cutting, carpet laying, etc. is completely finished before we come out to clean the air ducts. We call it “Making sure the ‘Dust’ has settled”. We strongly recommend waiting until all of the “dirty work” has been completed.
BEFORE. We strongly recommend the carpets be cleaned after the duct cleaning mainly because there is a phenomenon referred to as “Candle Sooting” which causes the area around the registers to be stained black. If Mite-E-Ducts cleans the air ducts prior to the carpet cleaning, then we can remove a majority of this soot so you can keep the carpet cleaner.
Most of the time, this is from a phenomenon referred to as “Candle Sooting”. When candles are burned repeatedly, the soot gets pulled into the cold air returns, moves through the filter, and blows out of the supply side of your HVAC system causing black stains on ceilings, walls, carpet, etc. The best alternative to prevent this is to use soy candles or candle warmers..
Most of the time, this is from heavy smoking in the home. If the occupants of the home are/were heavy smokers; it is most likely you will see a brownish yellowish residue around the vents.