The “M” word!


UV Germicidal Light System

Have you ever noticed bacterial growth or fungus growing on your indoor evaporator coil or the walls around your duct work? I know what you’re thinking, “what is bacterial growth?” This is another term for the dreaded “M” word… mold. So often in our industry the word “mold” gets thrown around and misused. What happens is people start to think that every black substance they see around their vent covers and on the carpet is mold, when in fact, most of the time, it can be something as simple as candle soot. Homeowners that burn candles frequently will have black stains on the vent covers, carpet, and sometimes the walls.

But, what if there is bacterial growth in your duct system or over your indoor coil? What can we do to help prevent it? Most people say, leave it alone, it’s not hurting you; or the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Some homeowners are more susceptible to mold spores, bacteria, and viruses than others. Here in Indiana, it gets very humid in the summer and we see different types of growth all summer long. If it’s in the duct system, then it’s in your air stream. This is where an Ultraviolet Germicidal Light System comes in. These systems can be installed in your duct system and take care of the entire home. Now compare this the indoor air purifiers you purchase at the hardware store. You would typically have to buy one for every room in the home to help with the indoor air quality. Wouldn’t you rather just have one unit that takes care of the entire home? I know I would… wait, I do! I had an Ultraviolet Germicidal Light System installed in my home 5 years ago. I change the bulb every 2 years as recommended by the manufacturer. The great thing is, not only am I protecting my coil; it also helps with odors in the home. When my wife and I would cook fish, bacon, or something with a strong smell; it would linger for days. Now, we wake up the next morning and rarely smell anything!

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