What’s the difference?

Often people ask us, “what’s the difference between your company and this ad that I found in the paper for $49.95?”, this is normally followed by “you guys are about $400 more than them; why would I spend $400 to $450 to have my air ducts cleaned when they can do it for $49.95?”

Let’s break this down for a second… An average single-family home, with one furnace takes approximately 3 to 5 hours to clean. (This timeframe can vary depending on accessibility, type of duct system, and how dirty the system is). Do you honestly think that a professional air duct cleaning company can come in to your home and spend 3 to 5 hours, and only charge you $49.95? You have to think; he has to pay the person that answered the phone and scheduled the appointment, he has to pay to fuel up his vehicle and drive to the jobsite, he has to insure his vehicles/equipment, he has to pay his employees to perform the air duct cleaning service, he has to pay for the materials used on the job, etc. etc. etc…

So how is it that they are only charging $49.95 to clean the air ducts in your home? The truth is; they aren’t. We have seen two sides of this. We have seen where customers would hold their ground and only agree to pay the $49.95, in which they received a cleaning of all the supply boots (only) performed with a shop vac (something you can do yourself). On the flip side, we have seen where it starts at $49.95 and then they find some kind of “mold” or “bacteria” that, they say, “must be removed immediately” or else everyone in the home could be in danger. When this happens, we have seen the invoices go as high as $5,087.00; and the ductwork is still dirty when they leave.

When we started in business in 1995, it was our philosophy to give “up-front” pricing prior to our work being performed. This is what we do on a daily basis. When we quote your air duct cleaning at, let’s say, $424; this includes driving to the job, setup, cleaning all supply & return branch ducts/main trunklines & plenums/registers; cleaning the furnace, blower compartment, & filter area. Our technicians also take before and after pictures to show you what you duct system looks like before and after the cleaning. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing your price up-front rather than playing the “haggle” game?

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